Childhood Obesity Epidemic In Today's Society

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In today's society, obesity, more specifically child obesity has become a growing epidemic for many years not only in the U.S but all around the world. The change in the environment is not the only cause of obesity, the change in genes is also a major contributor. Obesity has many causes, but the main cause is children not getting enough exercise and eating too much. The calories that are not burning up can results into excess fat, which is stored in our bodies causing obesity. Every child gains weight different mostly due to problems like poor eating, not enough exercise, family geneses, health issues, the environment, and psychological issues. Childhood obesity has become a major issue in today’s society, and the only way that this problem…show more content…
Some neighborhoods are not safe and parents feel that it is unsafe for their children to be outside without some parent supervision, which sometimes causes the children to refrain from playing outdoor games, which may lead to obesity. Socioeconomic status also plays a major role in the obesity epidemic. With today’s economy, more families are struggling to make money, and their settling for foods that are filled with bad nutrients and are high in sugar, fat, and calories. Lowerincome children cannot always afford to participate in extracurricular activities, which results in a decrease in physical activity in a child’s life, which may contribute to obesity. Parents that don’t make enough money are living in areas that aren’t particularly safe, which leads to the children being scared to go outside and play. Education also contribute to the socioeconomic issue with obesity. Parents that have no sort of education don’t understand the proper nutritions that are in the foods and what are healthy food choices. Schools are suppose to help children lose weight and teaching them about nutrition. Many schools face a lot of budget cuts and the first programs to be cut

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