High School vs College Compare and Contrast

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Obesity in children Is obesity a disease? Some think it is not so important. Worse, we are seeing an epidemic problem of obesity in our children. Obesity is an excess of body fat that frequently results in a significant impairment of health. Obesity results when the size or number of fat cells in a person's body increases. A normal-sized person has between 30 and 35 billion fat cells. When a person gains weight, these fat cells first increase in size and later in number (Myers). The childhood obesity is confirmed an epidemic as the 21st. century whit a statistics of 80%. Babies from 4 and 22 month in Puerto Rico with statistic of 5.8% currently of overweight. It should give more importance to this problem of obesity especially in the children and investigates the problems of our society that causes this situation. Another place that contributes to childhood obesity is the schools. Most children spend most of their time in schools and by nature they eat there. Most of the foods these children eat are not healthy and in almost all schools has vending machines and in the cafeteria they sell junk food such as pizza, burgers, chips, soda, candy and ice cream. Many school districts have negotiated exclusive contracts with fast food and beverages companies to provide their products to students, with a portion of the revenues going to the schools. Approximately twelve thousand school which features commercials promoting junk food. Many of these vending machines in school also provide snacks that are high in calories, fats and sugar. Vending machines in schools also contribute to the obesity problem of school children (Neil, K. C). That is why the health of students is affected because they will always find junk food in schools. We are seeing many diseases do to over eating and over society in many ways. It is something we should seriously consider and pay more
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