Persuasive Essay On Childhood Obesity

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The United States has an epidemic of childhood obesity. The statistics show that children in the U.S are becoming obese and this problem has grown throughout the years. Parents are usually concerned about protecting their children from the flu and the common cold. Even though they are doing well in protecting their children from such illnesses, they should also try to inform themselves about childhood obesity and the health problems that obesity can bring. Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Parents should take action and responsibility in preventing obesity in their children by enforcing healthy habits, such as exercise and healthy eating habits. Obesity is a chronic disease in children and it is determined by the BMI-for-age…show more content…
“Science shows that genetics play a role in obesity” (OAC). Some cases of childhood obesity are in children whose parents are obese or have been. “Estimates say that heredity contributes between 5 to 25 percent of the risk for obesity” (OAC). Obesity can not only be blamed in the hereditary genes, but also the eating habits that the parents enforce at their home play a big role. Children need to have healthy eating habits promoted at their home. The earlier this healthy eating habits are promoted to children, the more beneficial they will…show more content…
Children who live in a low income home are at a higher risk of obesity. The shortage of money that these families experience pushes them to engage activities like buying convenience foods, which usually contain high amount of sugar (AOC). Children with low income families do not have the money to play sports at schools, which is a problem because school sports have an enrollment fee. Another way the family’s economic status can affect childhood obesity is that parents with low incomes usually do not have much education; this makes them less likely to know about childhood obesity and so they ignore

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