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For thousands of American’s healthy eating habits is second nature. Many choose healthy foods to prevent disease, prevent obesity, and promote longevity. However, many Americans have formed poor eating habits early, and the rate of obesity, healthcare costs due to disease, and health complications continues to rise. Healthy eating provides a better quality life because healthy foods and nutrients have been proven to fight against disease and prevent obesity. The Obesity rate today among adults and adolescents versus 20 years ago is devastating. Information gathered from two National Health and Nutrition Surveys show how the rate has greatly increased. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2007 stated, “Adults 20-74…show more content…
Mrs. Bush (2007) stated “good health starts with good habits. By educating ourselves about our bodies and by taking simple steps to protect them we can prevent or delay some of todays most common and devastating health conditions.”(First Lady Laura Bush) Mrs. Bush also announced (2007) “the government is working to address one of the greatest dangers to America’s young people: childhood overweight and obesity. Nearly one in five school-age children in the United States are overweight and the problem seems to be getting worse. As a nation we need to educate ourselves and our children about the benefits of healthy eating habits, and the risks of poor eating habits.”(First Lady Laura Bush, 2007) These children are our future. Teaching healthy eating habits early can save their…show more content…
The daily intake amount depends on sex, age, and level of physical activity. (USDA Inside the Pyramid 2007) Taking in calories that are not solid fats or sugars is important. The body needs calories to make energy. Calories come from fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and milk. By choosing calories from essential nutrients, one can treat themselves to “discretionary calories.” (USDA, 2007) Inside the Pyramid. Discretionary calories are extras or bonuses. For example, sweets, alcohol, and cheeses are all extras. The body can breakdown these occasional extras, but large amounts of saturated fats are believed to be stored as fat. (Better Health Channel.Gov, 2006) Kilojoules and Calories explained. Maintaining a structured calorie intake will help the body function more efficiently. These calories and nutrients act as vital fuel. Without this fuel the body becomes sluggish and slows down. This process can attribute to a slower

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