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1. Use the data contained in the reports generated for Step 1 to guide you in modifying/removing foods so that your fat intake (total, saturated fat, and Trans fat) will fall within the recommended intakes. Do not forget to consider the consumption of healthy fats in your diet. Identify three (3) foods that you can eliminate from your diet to improve your fat intake. Identify three (3) foods that you can add to your diet to incorporate healthy fats into your diet. After looking over my daily recommended intake report from iprofile three foods in my daily diet that I can eliminate would be cheese, eggs and potatoes. These items provided the most fats in my diet and I can use alternatives like egg substitutes, vegan cheese and yams or turnips instead of mashed potatoes. Three foods that I can add to my diet to incorporate healthy fats would be olives, avocados and using olive oil instead of butter. I can snack on olives instead of reaching for chips or crackers and I can incorporate avocados into my salads or sandwiches. Cooking with olive oil will add a great flavor and get rid of all the saturated fats that come from butter. 2. Write a response (200 words minimum) to the question “What foods did you replace and why?” Make sure to include an explanation about why it is important to stay within the guidelines for fat intake and why healthy fats are beneficial. The foods I replaced were cheese, eggs and potatoes. I replaced theses food items because they are where most of my fat intake came from. I wanted to lower my bad fat intake and up my healthy fat intake. It is important to stay within the guidelines for fat intake because if you don’t it can lead to some serious health problems. It can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Over 80 million people in the United States are affected by some form of cardio vascular disease

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