Role Of Childhood Obesity In Low Income Community

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Childhood Obesity in the Low Income Community Instructor Leckte English 120 TM November 14, 2012 Childhood Obesity in Low Income Community Living in a rural farm area, fresh fruits and vegetables are always available at a low cost. Not only is there a variety of natural fruits and vegetable but there is normally plenty of land for children to play and have fun. One half of the children living in the United States are living in a low income household who cannot provide foods that are sometimes healthy . According to the 2009 US Census, the number of US people in poverty is the largest number in the 51 years poverty estimates have been published. It is proven that low income families do not have much…show more content…
To begin with, it is important that childhood obesity is properly defined? Childhood obesity is more than average amount of body weight in a child. The meaning of low income communities is a community that has an average income of below poverty. This research will determine how does a low income community greatly contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic. There are several factors that can cause the childhood obesity in the low income community. According to the CDC, Low income families generally have less access to both healthy food choices and opportunities for physical activity. Many need nearby retail stores that provide healthy, affordable foods. Often without cars or convenient public transportation options, low income residents must rely for much of their shopping on expensive, fatty, processed foods sold at convenience/corner stores. These families usually have to purchase these foods with the SNAP benefits which these stores accept for payment. As research is conducted daily about childhood obesity, it will be proven that low income resident are provided healthier facilities. Children who are overweight or obese are at greater risk at facing major health problems. Health problems can cause an increase in a child’s health care cost. Annual medical cost for a child diagnosed with obesity is an average three times higher than those children…show more content…
Her meaning of nutrition, meal planning, and snacks were merely different. She did not have much knowledge about nutrition. Her meaning of nutrition is trying not to eat too many “sweets”. Penny has a limited income and she only receives $170.00 in food assist a month. She has to plan her meals so they will last at least two days. Usually these meals are high in carbohydrates and heavy sauces like gravies. She stated “ Chicken is real cheap, so I fry chicken or bake chicken at least three times a week. I, also, cook neck bones, pig tails, and pig feet. I mix rice or potatoes with the meats to make the meals last. I get whatever snacks my children ask for. My son loves orange or grapes sodas and bib chips. We go to McDonalds a lot because my son loves to eat cheese

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