Low Income Families

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Low income families and obesity BCOM 275 Instructor: Michael Yensz I found myself reading an article that discussed the fact that low income families and obesity are linked. “This problem affects many children living within the United States, but children from low-income families are more at risk of becoming obese. The reason, not only stems from their limited knowledge of healthy lifestyles but the cost and availability of nutritious foods as well. “According to an article on factoidz.com. A 2006 study by the Colorado Health Foundation titled the “Income, Education and Obesity” found that 25% of Colorado children living in low-income households with an average income of $25,000 or less were obese compared to 8% of the children. This…show more content…
I think that income has no bearing on a parent’s personal decision for their children’s weight. In many instances obesity in children can be avoided but I believe it has a lot to do with heritage. Some parents are overweight themselves and have bad eating habits and that in fact can be a balance on their children. The government has instilled many programs such as WIC. This program is designed to help women provide a healthy meal for their children, one of the requirements on this program is that the mother can only purchase nutritious items such as low fat milk, a sugar free cereal. I do understand that there are a large number of single parents in the world, and that one of the most convenient things to do is to go through the drive thru and get a quick low budget meal. In fact there are food stamp programs that are designed to help low income families. These programs allow individuals to go in the grocery store and buy groceries without using their personal money. In fact, healthier food can be a bit more expensive but with the help of the food stamp program should make it easier for low income families to eat a healthier lifestyle. One of the reasons I truly think that obesity in children exists is because there is a lack of education. Parents need to be taught healthy alternatives for their children. One of the problems with being of low income is that you have to learn new strategies of survival and that is survival of life in general. I would certainly not label that a high volume of obesity children are from low income and uneducated

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