Childhood Obesity In America Research Paper

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Cody Dilsaver Ms.Martin English 110 11/3/14 Childhood Obesity in America Childhood obesity has developed into one of the biggest problems America faces today. Around the world, America has developed a reputation of obesity, something we should be humiliated of. It wasn’t like that 30 years ago; our society has developed a lifestyle accustomed to binge eating and immobility. Portion sizes have increased, fast food has become a cheap and convenient alternative for dinner, and children’s social lives have deformed into web-based. The responsibility to prevent and repair childhood obesity is primarily on the shoulders of parents, government, and children themselves. It’s necessary to increase physical activity while eating healthier foods with…show more content…
Overweight people face discrimination in 3 major areas of life: education, employment, and health care. Neumark-Sztainer interviewed overweight girls and the girls all reported hurtful indirect and direct comments and being rejected or treated differently due to their weight. They found that girls perceived the teasing to be more stressful. In a study of 88 obese adolescents, 50% of boys and 58.3% of girls had significant problems with peers. Obese groups also scored lower in the physical and general self-esteem scales than the control group. Anxiety disorders seemed to be higher in obese children, especially social anxiety. Several studies show binge eating disorder or binging behavior to correlate with psychosocial strain. Obese children usually have more problems in school as well. Difficulties in school seem to be a predictor for developing obesity. Studies show that obese children feel bothered by daily activities like sports, walking, buying clothes, social functions, eating out with friends, or going to dances (Unhappy). A video by ABC news titled “Fifth Grader’s Stunning Weight Loss; Drops 66 Pounds the Natural Way” shows the change in happiness from obese to fit. She was 186 pounds at age 8 and faced severe…show more content…
The biggest factor in kid’s lack of exercise is the technology that we’ve developed. Kids have become dependent on electronic devices. In the 1980’s there was hardly any video games or internet so kids were forced to find activities to do to occupy them. Now a days it’s just not common for kids to go outside and play, as if it’s became “outdated”. In Samantha Mendoza’s article “Technology leads to childhood obesity” she makes a good point when she says “Even if kids want to go outside and ride their bike, the hours they’ve spent using technology take away their physical energy and make them too tired to go outside”. Staring at a computer for hours on end causes lethargy, and it’s crucial to stay active. Like Michelle Obama says, “A body in motion tends to stay in motion” (Learn). Although video games have come out with interactive games, it doesn’t even compare to actually going outside and getting exercise. Mendoza has it spot on when she says “A way to overcome technology leading to childhood obesity is for parents to take away the technology…Children need their parents to encourage them to get outside and frolick in the grass or play some baseball”(Technology). A child doesn’t know it at the time, but they’ll be short term and long term happier if they choose

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