Child Obesity Epidemic In America

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Food Is Everywhere No wonder there is an obesity epidemic in America. Food is always in our eye sight; it’s along roadsides, in bright colors at the grocery stores on the shelves, when walking down the halls its glowing in the vending machines. There is no way in escaping the fast food advertisement that is all over. This is where the start of obesity begins. Child obesity is a largely amount of body fat that affects a child’s health. Putting on a few pounds does not entirely mean obesity. A child is not considered obese until their weight is 10 percent more than what’s required at their age. Obesity in an individual can be measured by a tool known as Body Mass Index or BMI. To obtain BMI the weight of the individual in kilograms should…show more content…
Child obesity simple occurs when the child eats more calories that the body burns up. Chances are if one parent is obese, there is also a 50 percent chance their child can also become obese. However, when both parents are obese theirs is an 80 percent chance of the child being obese. Although certain medical problems can lead to obesity, less than a percent is caused by physical problems. The obesity in childhood is also related to poor eating habits, lack of exercise, family history of obesity, medical illness, and depression or other emotional problems. Obesity can also end in serious health issues that can be hard to treat. Obesity and cardiovascular disease is in a close relation. The excess fat that circulates the blood that turns into plaque. The plaque accumulates around an artery to block the flow of blood. Obesity then puts a strain on the veins and arteries that become blocked up the plaque buildup. Diabetes is another health risk that is caused by…show more content…
The child is often made fun of, not accepted around certain teams and crowds. This leads to low self-esteem and depression. An individual that’s not a parent can even take place in a child’s life that’s going through these situations. They can set aside different activities and even coach them on ways in reducing an overweight problem. Majority of the times parents aren’t home enough with their child to give them a well prepared and healthy meal, more times parents just came from work and order fast food. These parents need to be told that their children are at risk for poor organ functioning due to large amounts of fat inhibiting normal function, that the excess weight will place unnecessary strains on growing joints and limbs, and that the adipose tissue will have major effects on the metabolic and endocrine systems (Ruxton,

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