Good Food Bad Food Essay

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There are many factors in today’s society that have affected the growing obesity epidemic around the world. Factors that have contributed to the obesity epidemic are: the many types of media advertising unhealthy food, the lack of time parents have due to demanding jobs, the growing amount of processed and packaged foods with added preservatives, and the small amount of time young people spend doing outdoor or recreational activities because of the latest technology. To make sure that our generation is not the first generation to die young of obesity related diseases many measure will have to be put to action to control the obesity epidemic. Today’s obesity epidemic started back in the 1970’s. More women/ mothers started to attain more demanding careers and there would be no one at home to cook healthy fresh meals. Therefore, processed and packaged foods were more convenient and most ready to eat so that even young people could easily have access to this food. Instead of letting packaged and processed foods take control of households, parents should make more time to get home and cook dinner or perhaps make dinner time a family activity, where the whole family works together to prepare a home made meal. Another factor that has contributed to today’s obesity epidemic is the growing amount of advertisement of junk food. This media is advertising junk food everywhere from the television to the internet to the radio and of course the huge billboard on the sides of the highways. When people are surrounded by the type of persuasive advertising they are more tempted to eat this “delicious, tasty” inexpensive food. Something that could be done to control the advertising if unhealthy food is that these companies should let the public know every ingredient that goes into the food and let the public have more access to nutritional facts. If the people could see all the

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