Fast Food and Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity around the world, and particularly in the U.S., is an increasing problem that is extremely damaging as its’ effects carry on into adulthood. Childhood obesity is not to be taken lightly. Eating fast-foods high in calories, rich in fats and refined sugars can actually trick the body into craving the foods and therefore, become addicted. There are many contributing factors to childhood obesity and the health risks associated with being an obese child, but the link between eating fast food and child obesity is astonishing. Obesity in anyone can prove to be a life threatening condition, but calculating good eating habits, a healthy diet and proper exercise for our children can help prevent that child from becoming obese. Many studies have been done over the course of the last decade or so trying to understand why so many of our American children are being diagnosed with health issues that normally do not show up in most adults until their later years. A reason for the increase in serious health problems has been linked to the consumption of fast food. A study says that nearly one-third of all American children, both girls and boys between the ages of four through nineteen eat fast food on a regular basis. The study also says that kids are gaining weight up to 6 lbs per year on regular consumption of fast food. (Fast Food Effects on Health). This is an astonishing fact that definitely needs a lot of attention. Children are being diagnosed with serious health issues such as, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar at very young ages. Most children are not prone to these kinds of diseases until later in life, as adults. In a book, “Fast Food Nation” written, by Eric Schlosser he says "If you look at the rise of the obesity rate in the United States, it has grown pretty much in step with the rise of fast-food consumption... and now it's

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