A Proposal for Childhood Obesity]

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[A Proposal for Childhood Obesity] [A Proposal for Childhood Obesity ] Natalie Caley [English 122] Childhood obesity and how we got there is the topic of interest. “Obesity is defined has having excess body fat (cdc.gov). And “over weight is defined as having excess body weight for a particular height from fat, muscle, bone, water or a combination of these factors.”(cdc.gov). Childhood obesity is on the rise it has more than tripled in last thirty years. Childhood has both long and short term effect on one’s body and mental wellbeing. Immediate effects are not as: risk factors for cardio vascular disease, more likely to have predibetes and children that are obese are far more likely for joint and bone problems and sleep apnea. The child may also suffer from psychological and social issues. There also can be long term effects on childhood obesity such as: being an obese adult, heart disease,, type two diabetes, stroke and several types of cancer. It’s amazing how many health conditions and disease can be linked to childhood obesity. I hope through my research project I can enlighten some of us to educate our children. With enough encouragement we will be able to say the number of obese children in the United States is down. Why should America be concerned with childhood obesity? People who are obese are more likely to have health problems such as: high blood pressure, raised cholesterol high insulin levels, impaired glucose tolerance, type two diabetes, heart attacks, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, kidney problems and polycystic ovary syndrome. Not all children will have these health problems but doctors are finding these problems in children and the children are getting younger. As a whole childhood obesity puts children in harm’s way and the future of America. And that is why the cycle must be reversed. We owe to the country and the kids who live

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