D2 Unit 5 Anatomy and Physiology

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This assignment will evaluate the importance of homeostasis in maintaining a healthy functioning of the body. If homeostasis did not work properly in the body then there are many problems that could arise. Diabetes is one of those problems: Diabetes Diabetes is “a permanent change in your internal chemistry that results having too much glucose in your blood” because the body cannot use it properly. (Rudy, 1999, Page 10) Glucose comes from digesting carbohydrates and is also produced by the liver, carbohydrate comes from many different kinds of foods and drink, such as Wholegrain cereals such as Weetabix and Shredded Wheat, Brown rice, Pasta and Potatoes. “Diabetes can be tackled in different ways- by insulin and diet” (Rudy, 1999, page 19) Diet, when someone had diabetes it is best for their health to cut right down on the unhealthy foods, and stick to the health foods, this is due to the effectiveness of the medication you are on. If you eat junk food and do not eat healthy then your medication will not be as effective as it could be. Sticking to regular mealtimes is also another thing that could help you feel better as it will keep your “blood glucose levels under control”. (Rudy, 1999, page 20) There are 2 types of carbohydrates, 1 that is good for controlling diabetes and 1 that is really bad, these are starchy and sugary. Sugary- this is the 1 that people with diabetes should stay clear of, this is due to the “glucose getting into your bloodstream fast, this could cause a sudden rise in blood glucose levels”. (Rudy, 1999, Page 24)This is not saying that you cannot eat this kind of food; it just means that you should only eat it in small quantities. Starchy- this is the one that is okay for diabetics to eat “These foods increase the blood glucose even though they are not sweet in taste. The body digests them and breaks them down into glucose (sugar).

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