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Gastric Bypass, the Last Alternative Over stressed, over the edge, over the yo-yo dieting, and just plain tired of over eating? Gastric Bypass Surgery might be your only choice for treating severe obesity and improving your chance of gaining control of overeating; striving to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Although this might seem like a quick fix to skeptics, for others, there is simply no alternative. Gastric Bypass Surgery is often one’s only option when self control cannot be reached. Some view it as their only option to obtain weight loss in hopes for a healthier way of living. Obesity can lead to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Having this radical surgery decreases the size of the…show more content…
They claim giving up over eating can lead to picking up another addiction. This is called “addiction transfer”. If someone eats due to depression or loneliness, but fails to get treated for their issue, they could switch to excessive drinking or gambling. For example, Carnie Wilson (2006), a much publicized Bypass patient states, “I am here to get the message out. After you have had this surgery, you need to focus on what is in your head.” She continues to explain it is not possible to fix the problems before the operation, and therapy is needed after to deal with the root of the problem. On one hand, I can understand see this point. However, on the other, there are steps to take after the surgery to avoid such issues. It would be like having a car engine rebuilt but never taking it to the shop for routine maintenance. Gastric Bypass Surgery may not the answer in curing obesity, but I believe it can save many lives. I ask myself, “Would you resort to this type of surgery?” I stand firm in thinking after all other viable options are exhausted, yes I would. To get your life back, or start a new life from the results of this often controversial procedure would be worth the risks. The goal is to live a healthy, active lifestyle; the chance is worth the

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