What Is Obesity In America Persuasive Essay

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Thomas 1 Elton Thomas Ryan Shiroma Engl 60 25 April 2012 Obesity In America. “During the last 20 years in America, there have been dramatic increases in obesity and, unfortunately, those rates continue to stay high. Obesity means having too much body fat, which is commonly confused with being overweight” (Adult Obesity Facts par. 5). A person can be overweight but still be healthy. For example, a man that is considered to be overweight can just have extra muscle mass, bone, or water. But both terms do mean that the individuals weight is higher than what is considered to be healthy. Some people go to extreme measures to lose the undesired weight from their bodies. Liposuction, Gastric Bypass Surgeries, and Lap-Bands are sometimes the…show more content…
The problem of childhood obesity in the United States has grown considerably in recent years. Between 16 and 33 percent of children and adolescents are obese. If one parent is obese, there is a 50 percent chance that their children will also be obese. However, when both parents are obese, their children have an 80 percent chance of being obese (Obesity In Children and Teens par. 1). Children look up to their parents, and parents have to know they set the example. If a parent is obese then the child is going to feel that it is ok that they are also obese. Parents need to recognize and not ignore when their child is gaining too much weight and take action before its too late. Encourage your child to go outside and play for at least a 60-minute minimum, and also buy healthier foods for them so there is no unhealthy…show more content…
“An active lifestyle and regular exercise, along with healthy eating, is the best way to lose weight. Even modest weight loss can improve your health. You will need a lot of support from family and friends” (Obesity par. 13). Once the dieting has begun, the main goal is to learn new healthy ways of eating, incorporate those in to your everyday routine and to stick to it! Many people find it hard to change their eating habits and behaviors because they have been doing it their entire lives. Many people have bad habits but they have been doing it for so long that they do not even recognize it. You have to be not only willing but also extremely motivated to change your life for the better. Keeping a food log and a calorie count everyday is extremely helpful in your journey to getting

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