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Obesity in America The number one cause of death in America is heart disease (Fahey). Heart disease can occur as a result of being overweight or obese. I have a friend, a few years older than me, who was obese. Recently, he has changed his personal lifestyle to become a healthy weight and therefore reduced his risk of heart disease. He is not alone in his struggle with weight. A major public health issue in America is the high rate of obesity. Obesity is not just a personal trouble. Around 1/3 of American adults are overweight (Adult Obesity Facts). With that high percentage, obesity is a public issue. Lifestyle factors that affect a person’s weight are smoking, diet, excessive alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle (Fahey). So what in American society…show more content…
The economy and education institutions play a role in the obesity epidemic as well. People make money off people who are overweight. America has no shortage of fad diets, weight loss pills, and Weight Watcher programs. The economy does not want to change America’s problem with weight because it would stop making money off the weight loss related items. In education, students are not being properly educated about how important it is to be in shape. If kids are taught at a young age how to keep their bodies healthy, they are more likely to lead healthy adult lives. If students, in the education systems were to study health more, it could help reduce the rising obesity rate by catching the problem before it starts. Obesity is not just a personal trouble, but a societal issue. Changes in America’s social structure are needed to lower the rate of obesity in America. While my friend was able to overcome his problem with obesity, there are thousands more like him, who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. America must make changes to its social structure or the rate of obesity will continue

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