Argumentative Analysis: Obesity In America

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Israel Tellez Mrs. Gottfried English III April 10, 2013 Obesity in America How you ever wondered how America became the most obese developed country in the world? All though we are not the country with the most overweight and obese people live, America still ranks high with obesity rates. Obesity is a fast-growing epidemic among most Americans of all ages due to several factors. The major factors that lead to obesity is financial situations, no exercise, bigger portion sizes. America is surely on the track to become the fattest country of the world. The connection between obesity and financial situations and larger portion sizes is that most Americans with a low income have a higher rate of being overweight or obese. The reason behind this is because families with lower income, will more likely to buy and eat junk food than healthy because junk food is cheaper. Junk food may seem like it…show more content…
Not exercising can cause more serious issues then you think. Not only will you gain weight over time, but you have greater risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer. For those who do exercise, they get the benefits that all could get. The benefits are the decreased blood pressure, live a longer life, have a better mood, less risk to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. The reason why those who exercise live, because they are not getting fat over time as someone would be by just sitting at the couch all day. If you are obese you have more physical and possibly metal problems than a normal weight person and the physical problems are mostly severe and can cause premature death. Just by exercising you can avoid all these horrible diseases and early death. Studies show that exercising improves memory in older people. In conclusion exercising is a proven way to decrease the risk of all these medical conditions and they should be taken action with other factors as

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