Two Methods of Weigh Loss

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Two Methods of Weight loss Compare and Contrast Revised To fad diet or not to fad diet that is question, in our society today image is everything; causing many of us to choose a fad diet over a nutritional diet. Most people think to look good; they have to be slim and trim. What makes a “quick” weight loss better than a nutritional weight program? Time is precious in our eyes, and while we take our time to get ready to go places, we do not have time to go to the gym or workout and eat healthy. Quick is the appropriate word to use for fad diet, who wants to change their entire lifestyle when they can lose over ten pounds in one week? We become so obsess with losing weight we begin to destroy our bodies by self- starvation. Weight loss in the content of medicine, healthy eating, and physical fitness results in one common thing a new lifestyle whether you use a fad diet or a nutritional diet. Although we look at fad diets as our golden tickets to our “Beyoncé” bodies there are some disadvantages to doing a crash diet. These disadvantages can range from statistics, results, and meal plans. According to “as many as 95% of people who lose weight from fad diets gain it back within five years.” Results can vary from drastic weight loss to bad side effects; there are side effects like weakness, indigestion, and headaches. This reason being, your body is not used to eating such less amounts suddenly. The entire metabolism is disturbed because there is no time for the body to adapt itself to the food and time difference. Fad diets also have advantages like a speedy weight loss, for example if you do the lemonade diet you can lose weight in less than one month. The disadvantages of a healthy weight regimen are statistics, results, meal plans, and exercising. Statistics shows that. The disadvantage of having a healthy meal plan

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