Fat People Excercise

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Essay The world should convince fat people to exercise every day because they will just take up space and waste our food. Instead fat people should go to the gym two hours every day and burn at least 1000 calories more than they can eat. Fat people should also stop wasting our precious food. I have a message to all you fat people there, BURN MORE EAT LESS or MAGIS ARDEBIT, MANDUCARE MINUS. The reason why I say this is because the country is in debt and if fat people keep WASTING our FOOD then we would run out of it and be in GREATER DEBT causing WAR. Another reason is because it’s bad for your health to be fat. The fatter you are the harder it is to move around and do stuff (unless it’s doing something solitary), thus burning less calories and inducing a lazy habit. The last and most important reason is that forcing someone to exercise is a good way to improve in mental issues because scientists have proven that exercise produced endorphins improved mental and physical health. I write this essay because I CARE ABOUT OUR HEALTH. One reason our planet should convince fat people to exercise because if there were a ton of fat people eating ALL of OUR FOOD then it would be a global CRISIS. People would starve and wars would begin in the fight for food (or survival). Well anyways, fat people are proven to eat more food because their heavy weight causes them to use for energy while moving so to make up for that lost energy, food is needed. We are not like plants that make their own food, we are omnivores who hunt and scavenge for any type of non-rotten food that is cooked. Fat people however are the Ursus Maximus of the human race, or I should say Homo Sapien Ursus Maximus, because they need a lot of food to make up for the missing energy. This is one of the reason that we need to convince fat people to exercise. Another reason why we need to convince fat people to

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