6 Reasons for Energy Imbalance

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LP8 6 Reasons for Overweight and Obesity 1. Fad Diet Plans – Most restrictive diet fads trigger feelings of failure and hopelessness. These make the person lose determination because once they start eating regularly again, the weight comes back on because you need to stick with the fad diet you were instructed to follow. You need to follow a eating plan that you can stick to forever and it should have all the nutrients you need to keep your heart, bones, brain, colon, and psyche in good running order. You should have plenty of choices, few restrictions and few ‘special” foods. (Willett-Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy) 2. Increase in food availability – We do not need to grow our own food if we choose not to. We do not need to raise chickens or catch our own fish anymore. Food is available at grocery stores and all we have to do is cook it and eat it. Highly processed food is available everywhere so there is no need to wait to eat if you are hungry. Kids and teens hang out at shopping malls, and the food courts serve nothing but highly processed foods and highly sugary drinks. 3. Increase in food portion size – People think super sizing their fast food meal is a great deal. The need to push sales and increase business, serving sizes are an estimated triple the size and then people also eat dessert. 4. Decrease in food preparation time – Fast lifestyles have taken over and people eat out of necessity instead of eating for pleasure. They eat too fast, don’t enjoy the food, don’t enjoy the time it should take to prepare the food. 5. Decrease in food preparation skills – People do not know how to cook so they just buy what is sold in the store or eat out all of the time. When you eat out, you do not know what is used to prepare the food so you can’t monitor the calories, sodium, etc. 6. Lack of physical activity – People have sedentary jobs that do not require any

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