What Is Food Michael Pollen In Defense Of Food Essay

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Stevens Villalon 10/22/2013 EN 101 - Composition 1 Prof. Della Fera “Defense of food” Eating processing food is killing us slowly without our permission. Everyone needs to eat something every day. So, they can be fine all day. If someone does not eat anything at all, it can affect their health slowly. For instance, losing energy, feeling sick, might faint. People usually lie to their body every day by eating stuff that they are not supposed to do is because they do not know what they are really eating. Some people do not really care what they are eating as long it’s delicious, they would accept it. As matter fact, people worry more about their daily task than eating appropriately. In his article,” In defense of food “: Michael Pollen established “what is food” and why do American’s eat nonfood in such large quantities?” Definitely, I’m agree about food labels do provide enough information for consumers to make an informed choice about what to feed their bodies. However consumers do not pay attention of the food labels because they do not really know about it as long it’s delicious. Surely, most food provides food labels because it is a…show more content…
Although many people may not like natural food because it do not have not flavor, natural food does provide enough nutrients, so people can have more energy in their daily life performance. For instance, when I eat homemade food, I have sufficient energy to be able to study, play soccer, and go to work. Therefore, I enjoy more to eat homemade food than eating processing food. Pollen believes Cooking is one of the most important health consequences of buying food from local farmers” (Pollen539) I agree, because I feel so different when I do not eat homemade food. As a result, eating homemade food with natural ingredients, it would help me out to do better of my daily activities. For this reason I would never stop eating homemade

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