Obesity In America Essay

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Obesity has recently become more common than ever before. It is said that Americans are becoming the most overweight people in the world. Every gender and every race of Americans contribute to this rising problem. Obesity is becoming more common amongst children as well as young adults. Newly created technology prevents a lot of people from wanting to leave their homes because everything is so readily available there. Contributing factors to obesity in America are lack of exercise, the lack of a good diet, and also the lack of time. Exercising on a regular basis is a hard routine to get into, but it is better late than never. It’s especially hard if you’re not used to exercising at all. Once people reach a certain age or even a certain weight,…show more content…
It is more expensive for men and women who are obese to take care of themselves health wise and financially because Americans are now consuming fifty pounds more meat and fast food than in years before (“Obesity in America, By the Numbers: NPR”). Americans now spend sixty dollars more on fast foods because they are always on the go and spend little time worried about in healthier in order to quickly get back to other activities. They are more likely to spend money that can be used on more important things on food from the vending machine at work and to upgrade to the large meal. Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive if a person allows time to research where to get the best products for a reasonable price and does not just settle at one store on things they know they do not want in the first place as a substitute. The local farmers market always has the great fruit and vegetable options that can fit everyone’s budget and still make a delicious meal (“Obesity in America, By the Numbers: NPR”). Outside of food, the amount of work an obese individual person may miss because of illness is significantly higher because the extra weight makes them more prone to sickness from factors making medical bills increasingly higher and life more stressful. Productivity levels are seen to be significantly lower in these individuals as well because of lack of energy to perform these tasks (“Obesity in America, By the Numbers:
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