What Is Childhood Obesity In America Essay

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Abstract “Would you like that meal large or supersize today?” Not only does that question get asked hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day; it is now being applied to children’s meals. America is drowning in fat. The statistics are staggering when compared to other countries around the world. In September of 2011, America topped the charts with 30.6 percent obesity. Not only are we doing this to ourselves, now we are doing this to our children. (1 in 3 American children is obese). 30.6 percent obesity in America. This number is sobering when comparing it to other countries. What is more alarming, is that if people don’t start paying more attention to what they are eating this number is only going to grow. This is exactly…show more content…
Many factors contribute to childhood obesity, from genetics to simply over feeding. If the problem is the latter, reconsider what you are feeding your child, or simply how often you feed them. If it is the first, talk to you family practitioner. America has become almost dependent on fast food. With jam packed schedules, we don’t allow ourselves time to make healthy meals at home. Instead, we opt for the super size or big kid meal because it’s fast and easy. This is the very reason, I believe, for America’s obesity situation as it is today. One study showed that, children who are obese are more likely to die before the age of 55 than of a child who is not obese. The study also stated that a child with high blood pressure is likely to die before reaching 55 (New York Times, 2010). This alone should be enough to get a parents attention about their child’s health. Unfortunately, it isn’t, and 1 in 3 children will continue to be obese. Child obesity, can also lead to other health problems such as: asthma, high

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