Address Childhood Obesity

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Addressing Childhood Obesity Sumera Goodman ENG 122 Sarah McDonald February 13, 2012 Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in our country. It is an important issue and should be taken very seriously, because of its staggering proportion that this threat has reached in the last three decades, changing the society of today, in the United States, resulting unhealthy, inactive younger generations. I have chosen this topic because I realize childhood obesity is a serious public health issue that can be classified as an epidemic. Another reason for choosing the topic is because I have been working with children for the past five years, and plan to continue my work with children in the future, as an elementary teacher. I consider this…show more content…
The economic cost of supporting and increasingly overweight population with more diseases is another concern (U.S. obesity). Childhood obesity has not only prominent immediate effects but dangerous long-terms effects on children’s health and wellbeing. The effected children can more likely to have risk factor, cardiovascular disease, such a high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In a population based sample of 5 to 17 years old, 70% of obese youth had one risk factor for cardiovascular disease. (Journal of Pediatrics,…show more content…
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