Epidemic Of Obesity Research Paper

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Epidemic of Obesity Introduction Obesity is spreading at an alarming rate and is becoming an epidemic around the United States; research shows that every year 300,000 adults will die from complications associated with obesity (Charles E. Menifield, 2008). Obesity is caused by many different factors such as: over eating, lack of physical activity and poor diet. There are many health problems associated with obesity and many of them can lead to mortality. Some of the medical conditions linked to obesity are: chance of stoke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, glucose intolerance, asthma, sleep apnea, impaired balance, orthopedic problems, and depression (Kellie R. Lang, 2012). With health problems like this plaguing the country, there…show more content…
Advocating for change is one way a social worker can reach out to a community and encourage them to change their daily habits. As social workers, their job is to help people that cannot help themselves. Many people that have eating disorders may also have other issues like a mental disorder which causes them to over eat and be inactive. The patient may be depressed and a social worker can connect them to the resources that the patient needs in order to get the care that they need mentally before the issue of over eating and inactivity is addressed (Ansell B.Emily, Carlos M. Grilo, Marly A. White, 2013). Intervention must be enforced in order for individuals to achieve self actualization, and that cannot be met until other needs are met first with this type of situation. Social workers can also form a formal organization to set goals and incorporate ideas together that will promote change in the community. Once ideas and goals have been made, social workers can elaborate and possibly create an effective social movement that will produce results such as: awareness of obesity, predictors of obesity and how obesity should not be socially accepted because it is a health…show more content…
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