Book Review: The Omnivores Dilemma

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Carolina Agustin Professor Rucker English 104A 25April, 2012 The Perfect Meals for Every Body Type Throughout the book, The Omnivores Dilemma, there have been three main topics the author talked about and made certain points on. For example, industrialization, pastoral hunting, and gathering. As Michael Pollan, the author, informed us about these topics I realized that I knew what the perfect meal for every body type. Most of us believe that maybe we shall fallow the food pyramid and that, that is the answer to healthy food and good nutrition. Like Pollan pointed out in one of his chapters, fast-food is bad for our health and for us in general. The food pyramid might sound healthy since there are commercials and doctors that follow the food pyramid but…show more content…
We are all different from heads to toes; our body system is different from everyone else. There are many points that Pollan is trying to point out, but I will provide you with different meals that I want to share with you and that will be healthy and not everything is like Pollan tries to explain. There are many different types of bodies, most likely divided into three sections the first one would be slim, then it would be a fit body, and lastly a thick body. Thin people just have a different type of metabolism which burns the food faster. This means that they need different types of nutrition’s. For example since their metabolism tend to burn the food faster they need some type of heavy food but not too heavy so soon their metabolism won’t be able to break it down; which will cause them to gain weight. Pollan does point out in his book how fast food is not very healthy and how it is a poor quality of food. I am here to correct what he said towards fast food. Fast food can be good for you if you eat the fast food correctly. Fast food is supposed to be eaten once a month. Not only can they eat fast food but there are also other types of food, this is how we see my point, it is not all about

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