Analysis Of Eat Less By Michael Pollan

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Life in the modern world is full of stress and struggles that are ready to let you down anytime. People are in a hurry, eat fast, work harder and forget how to take care of their health because they are too busy to think of how to eat in a right way. They keep ruining their health by fulfilling their stomach as much as they can. So, many nutritionists advise that people should change this bad eating habit and do simple things, such as eat less and slowly. In the book “Food Rules”, Michael Pollan also lists “Eat Slowly” and “Eat Less” as recommendation for eaters. Eating less and slowly is not only a long-term strategy to maintain a person’s healthy life but also it helps him/her enhance pleasure of dining experience. In fact, the concept…show more content…
He gives readers many eating tips that can make a huge change to many people. His rules are simple but they seem to be forgotten in modern society. If you eat less, you can afford better quality of food, like organic plants. The most useful advice from his book is “stop eating before you are full”. This advice covers most of the content in the last part of his book. He claims that many cultures, such as Japanese and French have applied this rule in their eating habits for ages. It has long been practiced in these countries and it keeps their people stay slimmer and healthier. The practice of portion control and eating slowly is the best way that leads to the point of satiation, not…show more content…
They state that if people eat more, they just need to work out more to burn their extra calories. They seem to focus on self-control to keep their life healthy. In her article, “eat more, weight less”, Sarah represents her way to loss pounds by eating more than usual. Her nutritionist suggests her to eat more but she has many small meals through a day. She also has a strict plan for yoga, workout and weight training. In fact, she does not eat more. Instead, Sarah has many small meals to fill up her energy all day long. There are not many people who can follow her diet schedule because of their strict work time. They cannot just stop and eat meal while working in official hours, so it seems not to be an appropriate plan to keep people healthy. However, eating less and slowly just makes a person spend a little bit more time for each meal but still keep their health in good

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