Obesity In Children: A Growing Epidemic

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Obesity in Children is a Growing Epidemic in America There are many contributing factors, but the leading causes of obesity in children is the lack of activity and poor dietary choices. Sadly, obesity is the leading cause of life threatening diseases in children. Because of obesity, many children are being diagnosed with many illnesses such as: with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Diabetes, heart disease, and even depression due to low self-esteem. All of these could be avoided by using better eating habits and being more active. This is a problem that could possibly be avoided, but ironically, in an age where people are now more ’’health conscious,” it is still a wide spread epidemic. Due to the complications of obesity, children…show more content…
Such foods have very poor nutritional value, but are the most affordable. Another effect of this poor economy is that people are looking for the best value for their buck, leading to bigger portions. Even the fast food chains have caught on. With their “dollar menus,” it is sometimes cheaper to buy a dollar sandwich for everyone, than it is to go to the store and purchase fresh food to cook a healthy meal. I have noticed that the opposite is also true. If you were to go to McDonalds, you would see that some of their burgers have shrunk to match the price. However, this can be deceiving, because it causes people to think that they can eat more food. In reality, by eating two smaller sandwiches, they have consumed more calories than if they had spent the extra dollar to buy the one larger sandwich. Then, there are parents who leave their kids at home while they work. They have to buy already made foods so that their children can feed themselves in their absence. There are so many unhealthy food choices that are being advertised to…show more content…
In writing this paper, I have realized that I am guilty of all of these things. I have been overweight all of my life, and recently, my children have also started to gain weight. I took a good look around my house and saw all of these things, consoles attached to each television, two computers used primarily for gaming and homework. Two of my three sons have cell phones that are loaded with games. If they aren’t attached to their phones or on You Tube, they’re watching television or playing Xbox. In addition to that, we are regular customers at our nearby McDonalds on game nights. As parents, we need to be aware of what we bring into our homes. Though society continues to encourage consumers to buy organic foods, or by adding apples to the kids menu at McDonalds, ultimately it is up to the parents to enforce and encourage healthier habits in our

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