Obesity: A Growing Outbreak In America

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Obesity is a growing outbreak in America that effects all ages and gender. As we grow, our metabolism slows, which makes it harder for us to burn calories (obesityfocused.com). What we call obesity today is becoming or has become a problem in America. I love food, you love food, they love food, we all love food. I look at it as an addiction for most and a disease for some. I would not say that it is our fault per say, but how we are raised and all the media and advertisements that we see every day. I mean look at others countries, not one has an overweight problem near as bad as the United States. America is spoiled; there is nothing else to it! Obesity is taking a giant toll on Americans, if we work together, maybe this can soon come to end.…show more content…
We may think that people who suffer from obesity are lazy, slobs, pigs, what might you want to call them, but that is not always the case. These people who are categorized as obese often face prejudice or discrimination in the job market, at school, and in any social situation (obesityfocuse.com). Feelings of rejection, shame, and even depression can occur in these situations. When an individual suffers through depression their addiction to food gets worse. Their self-esteem falls to the bottom and almost impossible to get back to where it was. I can only imagine that emotional suffering may be one of the most painful parts of obesity. Our society takes physical appearance and often compares attractiveness with slenderness, especially in women. This sending out a message making overweight people feel unattractive and less of what they really are inside. I think, no matter what someone’s case is when dealing with obesity, there is something that they can do about it. Maybe doing it by themselves seems nearly impossible, like they are alone. If everyone such as family and friends were to support and help these people who are suffering from obese, it just might give them that extra crutch to succeed and be all they can be. It takes motivation and the will to better themselves. This obesity situation America is suffering from does not only take a toll on the individual themselves, but on love ones that are close to us. Hundreds daily are diagnosed will health issues relating to obesity, even such as leading to

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