The Role Of Obesity In America

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Obesity is Not Only Costly to Your Health America is known as the land of the free and home of the obese. The American’s health reputation has diminished since the obesity rates have increased. Obesity is not a disease that attacks the body alone. It is uncommon to hear about an obese person who does not have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or some sort of heart disease. Obesity is the disease whose effect on human life is much graver than what is perceived worldwide. The power of this disease is so strong that it produces a negative domino effect, which means that with every condition, or symptom of obesity another one follows; a never-ending cycle of deadly health issues. As most of America knows, health care is not cheap…show more content…
The most obvious of causes for such a large amount of the population to be labeled as obese comes from years of terrible eating habits and lack of physical activity. America is undergoing an era of recession, many people have relied on welfare and lost their sense of hope, which has led them to become unmotivated and inactive at home. People are less motivated to exercise, because TV and surfing the Internet has become more comforting than going partaking in daily exercise. Organic foods are a healthy, but expensive commodity in America. Many Americans cannot afford to purchase such material, so they have to rely on the abundant diversity of fast food and microwaveable dinners. As seen in Figure 1 the percent of obese people has increased since 1988. So has the production and consumption of unhealthy foods such as fast food restaurants. These unhealthy ways of eating are not helping the obesity rates to decrease, but rather causing more damage to more citizens across the nation. There have been several studies done in order to interpret the correlation between obesity and its alarming increasing rate. Within those studies it has been shown that obesity is not caused by just one factor, but rather various factors contribute to America’s…show more content…
Obesity has become a major problem of The United States, as seen in Figure 1 it affects approximately 34% of adults as well as one out of every five children in America is obese (Obesity in America). Only 1% of the 34% of people are obese due to glandular problems. This shows that an unbalanced and unhealthy diet is a major contributor of obesity. Increased calories in American diets come from eating more food in general, but especially from foods high in unsaturated fat. That an be found in meat, dairy, fried foods, grain dishes with excess fat. Foods high in sugar also increase calories. That can be found in soft drinks, juice drinks, and desserts. Foods with high salt increase the calorie intake. That can be found in snack foods, fried foods, and foods with high sodium. Thus proving that most people are obese because they have high intake of unhealthy food and less

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