Eating Fast Food Rhetorical Analysis

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Edy Hopkins English 102 Fall 2013 Student ID: 900221875 Consuming Fats When I think of the meaning of fast food I immediately think about convenience, fast, hurry and fulfilling. In my perspective I believe that fast food has become a major part of everyone’s lives. Many people now consume fast food more than cooking in their own homes. In addition, now of days you can find more coupons and deals as well as more advertisements on television for the fast food chains. Fast food has now the number one reason for health issues that many children are now facing obesity at an earlier age. When thinking about fast food there are many problem and solutions that can come to mind. Fast food has now become the major problem in the United States…show more content…
Ludwig and Nestle states in article Can the Food Industry Play a Constructive Role in the Obesity Epidemic?, “Far greater profits come from highly processed, commodity-derived products-fast food, snack foods, and beverages-primarily composed of refined starch, concentrated sugars, and low quality fats” (1809). I believe that the corporations can if they really want to send the right message to their consumers. Some corporations actually do promote healthy eating habits to their consumers when they come to the fast food corporations. The corporations started to promote healthy eating more after many research have been done to prove how bad fast food has been towards its consumers. Ludwig and Nestle expresses, “Research links frequent consumption of highly processed foods to weight gain and increased risk for diet-related diseases” (1809). The fast food chain is considerably increasing the epidemic of unhealthy eating even after research. The fast food chains use toys and cartoon characters to provoke the children to want to eat the meals to consume a toy or prize. As for my experience, taking a friend child to Mc Donald’s, I was surprise to see that I can choose for her apple slices as a healthy snack. As of my surprise a few moments after if you don’t ask for the apple slices in line which I did not that is when the employees automatically give the child…show more content…
If the many families of our societies and the government don’t start to control the situation, then it will always be a major problem within our households. It is true that fast food is promptly available it doesn’t mean the habit should be avoided. I believe the epidemic on child obesity with fast food consumption can be solved by first solving the problem with the parent. It will take time to eliminate the problem with the consumption of always eating fast food but it will be a start. Whether if the government decided to take action related to fast food for the cause of child obesity. Therefore, many families should start to cook meals, stop eating fast foods in front of children, and start reducing fast food consumption in moderation it can help improve the unhealthy eating that the children

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