Persuasive Essay On Healthier School Lunches

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Canady 1 Taylor Canady Mrs. Freeman 7th Period 28 April 2015 Healthier School Lunches School lunches around the world need to be healthier for our body’s health. The things the world needs to work on is that kids are not eating the fruits, vegetables, and grains they need to eat in a day. The people in this world need to help the kids break their habit of eating junk food all the time. The world need to start by taking away some of the junk food in schools and exchange it with fruits and vegetables. School lunch ladies need to give the kids the nutrients they need so they do not gain weight. We need to help break the habits of the children instead of encouraging them to eat junk food. Schools need to give the students healthy food for lunch because lunch is a big chunk of…show more content…
Instead of giving all the kids the same portion of food, they made the portion smaller for the elementary students and the portion bigger for middle school and high school students. This is a major step to feeding the kids what they need in a day. Canady 2 One thing that is causing the kids not to eat their school lunches is Michelle Obama. Students are claiming that they are being given mystery meats because of her. They say ever since she has wanted healthier food in schools they started serving foods that do not look edible and gross. Many programs are trying to make healthier school lunches because it is the main cause for child obesity. The school lunches are super unhealthy for the kids because they have a lot of sodium, fat, and sugar. Schools should cut down on all the sweets they give the children also because that cause a lot of health problems. One of the main things schools need to do is to stop adding so much salt on to the meals because salt is super unhealthy. You should let the kids add salt if they need it. Salt is only good when there is a little bit on the food but when there is a lot, it is a problem. People believe that if the food on the plate looks good kids will eat it. So some

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