School Lunches In Schools

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2/5/14 Regarding: School lunches and Nutritional Education at CVHS Waiting in a crowded lunch line just to know that you’re going to get food that you’ll most likely not enjoy isn’t a pleasant experience. Being pushed around and shoved to get an unappetizing school lunch is a problem itself. On the other hand, the problem with school lunches is the fact that the food itself is 99.7% of wondering. Students wonder what is in their lunch because there isn’t a packaging label. I’m currently attending Central Valley High School and I am aware that the school lunches will contribute an unhealthy diet. I believe that by having prior knowledge on nutrition students will create a healthier habit of choosing a healthier food instead of a greasier…show more content…
Simply being in an environment where you are rewarded with a slab of grease pizza from Little Cesar's; for achieving a better score than other students is ridiculous. "Very few children are born obese, but most American children grow up in an obesogenic environment. (Brody 9)" Central Valley administrations is evidently on apart of having an obesogenic environment because they're doing the opposite of having their students on a well balanced diet at school. This form of method is a defeating method towards students who want to better themselves. Students are also be defeated by their own well being by seeing a savoring pizza being offered as an reward for their greatly achievement. Not only will this make this student reach out for a free pizza, this will also contribute to a students study session. The student will then replace a bowl fruits with a form of greasy nutrients because it's a "reward" while studying. This is also another leading paradigm for a student to start an unhealthy diet at school and contribute the unhealthy diet outside of…show more content…
Food distributed by the National School Lunch Program contains some of the same ingredients in fast food... Yet this is how the government continues to "help" feed millions of American school children. (Heron 11)" I believe that if you receive money from the U.S.D.A. that schools should invest in a kitchen to serve freshly salads, fruits, and vegetables or as a minimum take a step into having a healthier school diet and lunch. If students would have known that fast food ingredients were found in our school lunches. It would be superior for them to go to a nearby McDonalds during lunch to obtain a better deal and also an appetizing lunch. Sadly, students don't have this knowledge of basic nutrients, or what products goes into our school lunches. Central Valley should create a Home Economics class to teach the basics of nutrients because it will benefit their students lively hood in the

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