School Lunches Change

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Brody Janusz VanSickle ENG 151 11/5/14 McHenry County School Lunches Needs Change Eating highly fatty and unhealthy foods for lunch doesn’t seem like the most appropriate way to go about your eating habits, but according to the majority of McHenry County public school lunches it is perfectly acceptable. There is clearly a problem when fried food items and questionable “meat” come before fruit and vegetables in student’s lunch options, which are specifically designed to hold a good nutritional value. Instead of supplying students with pizza, bosco sticks, chicken by-products, these should be replaced with organic goods that consist of high counts of protein and vitamins that are recommended for a healthy lifestyle. The school lunches in…show more content…
There are always companies trying to offer a better price to schools constantly and they are giving into these unbeatable prices without even thinking about the consequences (Junk Food). These foods are so cheap because they are manufactured and processed so that the company can produce as much as possible and as cheap as possible. This means that the foods given to the students are not up to its nutritional best and this is the main reason students are eating so poorly. Instead, McHenry County schools can begin to start buying their foods from local farmers and other companies that are local and are more nutritional. Vending machines can also be implemented with other things other than just chips, cookies and other junk foods like that. There are vending machines that are refrigerated so these schools can also put in things like bags of carrots or a bag of sliced apples. As Grainger, Corbett, Senauer, and Runge stated, “Simply offering nutritious foods does not necessarily improve students’ diets, if the foods are not appealing. Students will avoid these choices or leave them uneaten. There are certainly outlined strategies to increase the appeal of school lunches and breakfasts, suggesting that schools expand the offerings available, allow student input in food service decisions, improve the…show more content…
Detroit: Gale, 2014. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 8 Nov. 2014. Works Cited Abstract: This article talks mainly about the health risks of always eating poorly. Most of this poor dieting among children is what the schools are feeding them. It talks about a large movement towards removing junk food from schools and their vending machines as well. It talks about how dire implementing nutritional foods into schools and taking out unhealthy choices. This article believes that in order to maintain the children’s eating behaviors, they must first implement good eating behaviors in school. It gives many examples of different states implementing these ideas and the outcomes as well. Webb, Densie. “Eating Well.” New York Times. 4 Dec 1991. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 8 Nov.

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