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It is absolutely heartbreaking that no one was complaining before. When the plates were filled with artery clogging, over processed foods and snacks, no one had a thing to say. This was not affecting those who had a choice in the matter, it was the children who suffered. Michelle Obama has put forth an effort to fight childhood obesity in America. She has noticed an epidemic, especially in children ages 2-5, because this is where it begins, and the fact children are doing less exercising and forced to eat life threatening foods. A scientific journal is not needed to understand that fried foods and just add water and/or microwave meals are probably not the healthiest for you. Michelle Obama is the first, first lady, no pun intended, to actually join the legislative fight on agriculture, and school services as they pertain to what American children are eating. She also has influenced how certain people can purchase foods. For example, families on public assistance are only allowed to buy certain foods, healthier options, if they would like to use the governments help to feed their families. Her avid…show more content…
It is assumed all families understand the necessity for nutrition and healthy habits, such as exercise, especially for growing children. A struggling family that is not allowed to buy white rice, white bread, or processed and already prepared foods gives those few a new perspective and direction for what should be consumed. Children who have to eat fruits and vegetables in school lunches will have a different outlook on what exactly a snack is. First Lady Obama has made a stance on childhood obesity, health and fitness as it pertains to our growing children, who will one day be adults. Practicing what she preaches, a fun fact is the white house garden is the first garden since World War II and Eleanor Roosevelts Victory Garden. One hundred years

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