Too Much of a Good Thing

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Too much of a good thing Greg Crister has written an article about obesity in children in today’s world called Too much of a good thing. He argues that in order to stop obesity, we should stigmatize overeating. What he suggests is simple solution for a very difficult problem that many children in the United States are facing. This solution however is just too inhumane to put into practice. We are after all dealing with children and not lab animals. Yet in his article Crister is trying to persuade the American family that punishing children for over eating is a good idea. The author does not explain exactly how his solution should be carried out or put into place. He also failed to state what the consequences of these actions might be. The author uses argumentation to try to persuade the reader that many parents do not care what their children eat. He also suggests children are quite frequently allowed to eat unhealthy foods. Crister also states the foods are often from places which do not monitor what the foods contain and just make them attractive to children. Even though the author does make use of language which makes his essay appeal to who ever read it, he fails to address the other sides of the issues. For example he uses analogy when he states that thinness should be a way of life for people in today’s society. Fatness is a bad thing in many aspects, so thinness will solve all those problems. He also makes use of studies to help support his case He uses these studies as an angle to make his theory more convincing to his readers For instance, Crister states that when children are presented with larger portions of food, they will eat more. He states studies which used macaroni and cheese as the food the group children were feed. This of course is not always the case. Children presented with a larger portion of broccoli will not
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