Cause and Effects of Childhood Obesity

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Cause and Effects of Childhood Obesity Researching the cause and effects of childhood obesity, has been a very enlightening experience. I have learned a great deal so far in my research about the study of childhood obesity, yet there is much to learn. Many causes such as poor diet, lack of exercise and depression need to be considered. Effects such as diabetes, heart disease and joint pain can be eliminated if the cause is treated. There are many things that go into the cause, and the lasting effects that need dealt with now, to ensure our future is in better health than it is heading at the present time. This is a subject that everyone should be concerned with, as it is the future of our children. Research on the many aspects that are involved in the fight to eliminate this problem is a very good start, but according to the data, more needs done. The causes of childhood obesity are many, everything from poor diet, lack of exercise and even include depression. “Understanding the causes of Child Obesity is paramount to its productive treatment” CDS (2012). The research I have found to date is showing signs of slowing the trend. I have found that to combat the cause we need to educate parents, teachers and physicians on the importance of stopping obesity before it is a problem. This includes spotting the issues early so it can be turned around and fixed early, rather than wait till the child is obese. As a whole it is all of our responsibility to fight against this epidemic so that we can win the war for our children’s health. Becoming obese is a result of consuming more calories than you burn off with activity. As stated earlier depression can play a part in obesity as well, children that are not popular, may feel left out and eat as a way to cope with those feelings. Many do not realize this is a cause for obesity, but it is and needs

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