Childhood Obesity: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography 1. “By Addressing the Obesity Crisis Together, We Can Become a Healthy and Fit Nation.” The Washington Post [Washington, D.C] 22 Mar 2011: E.6. Web. In this article the author talks about how obesity rates have gone up for last few decades. The author also points out to some diseases children might have at early ages and also how a family can help to control obesity. He also talks about the role of community centers in this project and hence led to a healthy nation. Article’s author is anonymous and it has very little information but I found the article very useful to discuss the role of people around an obese person to control obesity to certain extent. – Newspaper Article. 2. Heitman, Berit L., Jeffery Koplan,…show more content…
The book widely explains about different reasons behind obesity. It also explains some ideas to control obesity. That is what author’s goal for this book. The author also used some real life examples or stories to make his point more effective. This book will really help those parents who want to control obesity in their children. This book has causes and solutions to obesity but it is limited to food plan like what is good to eat and what not. I chose this book because child care and obesity is my main topic and this book will help me with the topic. – Book. 5. Wojcicki, Janet M,PhD., M.P.H., and Heyman, Melvin B,M.D., M.P.H. "Reducing Childhood Obesity by Eliminating 100% Fruit Juice." American Journal of Public Health 102.9 (2012): 1630-3. ProQuest Research Library. Web. 25 Sep. 2012. This article from American Journal of Public Health on Obesity control in children by reducing 100% fruit juice is very helpful. This article discusses important information that most parents are not aware of. I have preferred 100% juice for my kids till now. This is a very good article for parents like me who don’t know the scientific facts behind obesity. This article is limited to just one solution to control obesity. This is very little information but very helpful in my essay on Child Health and Obesity. I found this article on ProQuest Research Library. – Peer-reviewed Medical

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