The Battle Against Fast Food Begins In Home Analysis

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What do most people imagine when they hear the word “obese”? Some may simply picture it as being chubby or fat. However, being obese actually means being so overweight that it can endanger one’s health. In fact, obesity was declared an epidemic for the past decade. While some argued that it is the fault of food industries, and for some, fault of consumers, it can easily be resolved with two words: self-responsibility. Therefore, consumers are definitely the ones responsible for the current epidemic in this country. The first reason why consumers are responsible for America’s obesity epidemic is because consumers are the ones that choose what to eat and feed their children. There are many alternatives to fast food but most people rather not take their time to prepare for a healthier meal. In “The Battle against Fast Food Begins in Home”, author Daniel Weibtraub tries to convince parents to take a stand and fend off obesity in their homes. He stated, “Parents, not state government, are in the best position to fight the epidemic of overweight children in our school” This passage indicates that it is consumers that are in control of the epidemic and should be held responsible. In addition, “It’s the fault…show more content…
Let’s face it, big food companies are not going to lower their portion sizes, but that doesn’t mean you have to finish the whole plate. In “It’s portion Distortion that Makes America Fat” by Shannon Brownlee, she discusses how portion sizes have grown over the years. For example, “McDonald’s introduced its large size fries (large being a relative term, since at 3.5 ounces the 72 `large’ was smaller than a medium serving today).” This portion of text displays how consumers should be careful about how much they eat. In addition, “eating less is a matter of individual responsibility. “ Therefore, consumers are accountable for what and how much they eat, and are the only ones to blame for being

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