Should Candy And Soda Be Banned From Schools Summary

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In the article "Should Candy and Soda be Banned from Schools" by Tom Vilsack U.S Secretary of Agriculture, it is expressing the effect the eating habit's in which are being promoted throughout schools and how children are affected by them. There are two major aspects stated in this article. The first aspect is the steps that will try to be made in removing all unhealthy drinks and snacks from school vending machines. The second is the effects this has on children which in this particular case is Obesity. Both very valid arguments and we will begin to see why during this passage. The first major aspect of this article is why it would be a wise choice to remove unhealthy drinks and snacks from school vending machines. Tom Vilsack states in school is where these children consume half of their daily calorie intake. Schools are promoting unhealthy lifestyles to our younger generation. Vilsack feels by reforming and changing the school meal menu into healthier choices that it will in fact ensure a more nutritious and healthy effect on children. Tom Vilsack feels by teaching children the right things, starting with meal intake, will give them a healthy start on life. The second…show more content…
Americans are unhealthy. What is more mind boggling is that we are unhealthy but more so because sugar and unwanted calories are being advertised especially to children who would never pass up that offer. I agree that vending machines in schools should be filled with nutritious options instead of unhealthy ones. Our youth needs to be educated while they are able to understand the risks and consequences on indulging on a daily basis. they need to be taught how to thrive and most important how to survive by making healthier choices. How would you be able to live with overload of sugars being your primary food source and nutrition secondary

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