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Lunch is an important meal of the day and many children eat it at school. It helps our bodies and brains grow and develop into the way that they are supposed to by boosting our metabolism and giving us energy for the rest of the day. But it's probably one of the biggest problems in schools throughout America. We are told to eat healthy and good but we cannot always do that with the choices we have at the school. Students are being fed unhealthy lunches at school cafeterias simply because it is cheaper to produce unhealthy processed foods so alternatives and healthier food go away. Unfortunately money takes precedence over the health of students; from the perspective of the school boards, it is much cheaper to have processed foods made for them by other companies instead of making healthier foods right in the schools. Also, processed and pre-made foods are cheaper than fresh homemade foods, which would also make healthier foods more expensive. Therefore, the logic said that if schools were to make the food healthier and as a result more expensive, in order to cover the costs the students would have to pay more. Unfortunately, student and parents rely on these lunches because they do not have the income to be able to afford either full-priced or homemade lunches. The only foreseeable way for American students to receive healthier lunches in their school cafeterias is if someone can create a solution to the cost problems. To fully understand the cost problem behind all of this, one must first understand that processed and pre-made foods are much less expensive than healthier, homemade alternatives. For example, if someone was going to make a lasagna dinner for their family they would be much more likely to want homemade lasagna because homemade is always better tasting and also healthier than pre-made frozen lasagna. However, when looking at the cost of both options,

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