Parents Should Be Held Accountable For Their Child

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Parents Being Held Accountable for Their Child’s Weight I feel very strongly about parents being held accountable for their child’s weight. Parents are the bread winners of the house, as well as the authority of their house. Parents are the consumers, they purchase everything that enters the home and they can also control what may or may not enter into the home. As a parent I do the grocery shopping in my house, I also give the allowance out, when I feel it’s deserved in my house. If I feel that my child has health dangers, it’s up to me to do something about it. If she begins snacking regularly, I will cut her allowance. There must be rules put in place about allowance, because she has earn it, doesn’t give her the okay to buy whatever she want to buy, I control what she buys. The point I’m trying to get across is that children can only go as far as their surrounding adults allow them to go. If you notice your child eating too less or too much, you as the parent must make a change for your child. Whether the change includes the way you purchase household groceries or the way you prepare your meals in your home, you must maintain healthy children or try your best too. After reading my paper, the reader will know what to look for in an healthy child. What questions to ask your child on a daily basis. What groceries to purchase, what groceries are unhealthy to purchase when grocery shopping. And last, but not least control and watch what goes into your child’s body, and what should not enter into your child’s body. I also plan to create a fun way of introducing good eating habits that parents can share with their children. How can we make eating healthy fun for our children as well as ourselves. Eating can be made fun. When preparing meals cut healthy food into shapes (well known shapes), such as dogs,
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