P2: Explain Different Psychological Approaches To Health Practice

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Unit 8-P2 In this essay I am going to explain different psychological approaches to health practice. Social learning theory According to this theory, we need to have a good role model in our life, so that we can learn good behaviours from them. For people who want to eat healthy and be healthy, celebrity such as, Jamie Oliver would be a very good role model, because he teach people to eat healthy to have a healthy life. He also brought lots of publicity to the healthy eating campaign. If someone eats junk food all the time and that person’s mother or friend told him/her to eat healthy, it’s less likely that he/she will listen to them, but if he/she admires Jamie Oliver and he suggests to eat healthy, then there is more possibility for that person to follow what he says. If we do not have a good role model then we will not learn any behaviours and it can make our self esteem low . Humanism…show more content…
We achieve this “positive” self-regard by experiencing the positive regard others show us. Without this self-regard, we feel small and helpless, and we fail to become all that we can be. For example, if someone weighs a lot and his/her peers calls him/her “fat cow” everyday then, that person will have a low self- esteem about them self. Some people who are obese, is not necessarily because they eat a lot, it can be because of the disease, and if someone insult them or “state their negative opinion, it can hurt their feelings. We have to learn not to judge other people, because what is right to us may not be right for others. We cannot judge what people should or should not do. Being non-judgemental means acknowledging that others can believe differently. People who are going through the similar situation can show empathy to the other person by reassuring them and sharing positive advice to them instead of insulting

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