2014 Support Individuals to Eat and Drink

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1. If we had any difficulties or dilemmas around choice of food we would help to advise the client with his or her choice. Making sure there is enough different varieties of things to be chose from or if an individual feels they have too much choice we can help narrow it down by knowing certain things the particularly like. As a support assistant it my job to assit with choices, and advise them about healthy foods and the importance. For example: A Service user cannot understand a menu when It is present in a list form , so we could help them make their choice by getting images of meals they would be presented with to eat. Also try to explain the importance of a healthy diet. If the dilemma was to be a reoccurrence or become a bigger issue at meal times, it would be a good idea to report it to the NIC or the service users case manager to then discuss other options available with the chef. 2. Each service user is different and they all like/ dislike different foods. Some service users are able to tell staff as to what they do and don’t like. As for some individuals have difficulties explaining things, but some information like this will more than likely be found on their own care plan. Also some service users may have other things to be aware of such as diabetes eating less sugary things or bad oral hygiene not allowing them to eat solid foods. In this case I would seek guidance for their care plan and GP as to what is acceptable for them to be having. 3. As a Support Assistant it is my job to advise & promote to all service users about a healthy balanced diet and its importance. Also to give them enjoyable foods they can eat and met their dietary needs. For example: a service user may have problems to swallow, dribble whilst eating and get embarrassed in front of peers. So I would off them a table on its own away from peers with staff present and a soft or diced
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