Whos to Blame for Obesity

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Taking the Blame for Obesity Parents are the ones who knowingly open the door between childhood obesity and a long and healthy life. In David's Weintrub's article, "The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home" blames the parents. Eating unhealthy can cause serious health problems. Parents are their children's first teachers. Showing them how to obtain a healthy lifestyle will benefit them for the future. It's very important that kids will be able to keep themselves away from obesity when they're older and on their own. Although parents can't completely put a stop to this solely, fast food restaurant's cheap and convenient food takes a big part in this issue as well. Every day that comes people have the control to eat what they want. After a hard day of work most people want a quick and easy dinner so they automatically think of eating out for the night. There are some who do blame Taco Bell and McDonalds because of their high fat foods. Parents are the ones responsible for what their kids eat in my eyes. They can help their family and themselves by bringing home more healthier food and "accept their role in fighting the problem"(Weintraub 11). When a family goes out to eat out at McDonalds, they buy meals that are extremely over portioned or "meals that can easily make up to half of their recommended daily intake of calories"(Brownlee 1). Restaurant's commercials appeal to the much younger generation. It makes them want to go eat there and usually get the toy that comes along with that Happy Meal. That's where parents need to step in and say no, instead of giving in and taking them to go eat since it's an easier option. According to David Barboza, author of "If You Pitch, They Will Eat", "increase in food marketing to children has closely tacked their increase in weight"(5). When I was younger and a commercial came on for a restaurant like Burger King, I

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