Should Dui Laws Be Changed Essay

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First Topic #15: Should DUI (driving under the influence) Laws be Changed? My first choice from the topic list concerns DUI laws. The main reason behind this selection is that drunk driving is a serious issue in our young society today. Almost daily the news reports a drunk driver incident, and more and more these are caused by underage drinkers. Sadly is not just at night danger anymore. I remember working the graveyard shift years ago, and people would tell me to be careful because it was the time the bars closed. Today it seems that anytime is five o’clock somewhere, and drinking is a daily activity for many teens. The audience for this essay would be parents, pre-teens, and young adults. I would like to persuade and educate parents to be aware and have a more open communication about the subject to establish a plan if needed. Did you now that one of every ten teens drinks and drives? Have you as a parent had the talk with your child about this issue? Laws are there to protect, but we can make a difference by becoming aware, educating and communicating with our children. My research will include statistics research, parent…show more content…
I can see the concern, but I have also had lunch at school with my kids and seen the reality. One of the main reasons behind these changes to school food regulations is to promote healthy eating habits in school age children. The reality is that children do not eat their food, and they throw it away. Parents, who visit their children during lunch, take in fast food for them to eat. At the end of the day, the child is hungry, and most parents stop by the favorite fast food to get dinner as part of their busy lives. My audience would be the parents of children and their children. My persuasion will try to invoke them to promote healthy eating habits and planning at

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