Informative Essay: The Big Mac

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A Big Mac is a well-known burger from the food restaurant McDonalds. In this paper I will talk about what kind of people would eat a big mac and where they would be found eating it. I will also talk a little about the culture of the big mac and back up my ideas with some evidence. The Big Mac is a food for an on the go person, not someone who is very athletic or cares about their body size and health. It can also be for college students because it is an easy way for them to get a meal that is going to fill them up and for a small price as they are more focused on school then getting a job. There is also something called “the freshmen 15”, which is where freshmen college students gain 15 pounds. This is due to trying to adapt to the college lifestyle with getting everything done on time and finding cheap and easy meals. I also think this food would be found in a McDonald’s store or in the car of a person on the rush. It would like to hang out with fries and a coke. McDonald’s is also found…show more content…
The reasoning and logic that a Big Mac is read as the food of a college student is that many students get sick of the cafeteria food and look for other options, but without going too deep into their pockets. This also helps low-income families and it is an easy way to get a meal. The evidence and analysis links back to the main idea of the paper because it gives an insight into why the Big Mac is so well known and liked, as well as it shows how it appeals to people through ethos, pathos and logos. The evidence supports who would be seen eating a Big Mac because the people who would be eating a Big Mac is someone who can not buy expensive food and need a quick and easy meal. The analysis part also supports the main idea of the paper because it gives more explanation about why these people are drawn to Big Mac’s and why they would read a Big Mac in such a

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