Declaring My Independence from Junk Food

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Declaring my Independence from junk food Do you like to eat junk food? If you are like me, then you like all kinds junk foods rather its candy, chips, soft drinks or even going out to eat. Most of these examples are very tasty and are really hard to resist. Eating too much junk food can turn into a bad habit at a young age, that you should really get rid of as soon as possible. We look at these types of foods for pleasure, taste or even confront for some people, but this can lead to an addiction. What exactly is the definition of junk food? Junk foods have very little or no nutrient value that can be classified as “junk foods”. These foods contain very low amount of vitamins, minerals and protein, but high amounts of calories from fats and sugars which leads to obesity. Some popular and well known junk foods that we teenagers love are: Chewing gum (if not sugar free), any candy related to chocolate, cookies, potato chips, Drink lots of sodas including energy drinks, and eating at any fast food restaurants that are close by. When it comes to junk foods and drinks, learning how to control yourself is hard, but important at the same time. Nutritious meals are often being missed and replaced with these foods that are high in sugar and high in fat. Controlling what you eat is very important. When making your own food choices, junk food can have an effect on your appearance. During our teen years is when you are trying to take pride in yourself physically. This is the time where you are developing certain features. Consuming junk foods take a huge toll on one’s development and does not quite cooperate well with the body. One’s appearance also affects a person emotionally. When consuming these junk foods, you don’t think about certain health risks and what could happen to your body right now and in the future. When eating sweets (Desserts), processed foods and

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