Fast Food Babies

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Fast Food Babies How would you like to eat fish and chips, pizza, burgers, chocolates, lollies, Pepsi, KFC and several other junk foods filled with unwanted oils and tremendous amounts of fat that eventually will clog up the artery’s and lures you to your death…EVERYDAY!!! Sound delicious? I DON’T THINK SO. Vicki Cooper, famous film director, shows that this is the prime diet of British children in her latest documentary – Fast Food Babies. Cooper emphasizes that the diets choices presented to children is extremely unhealthy and stresses that if parents continue to ignore the dangerous health-issues, it may affect the child’s well-being for life. Through several documentary techniques such as: anecdotal evidence, expert accounts/interviews and repetition of key words, Cooper follows the three families on their journey back on the nutritional track and continuously highlights that the intake of fast food meals are unhealthy for growing children . However, under closer examination and analysis of the documentary, it can be seen that many factors were silenced - especially the fast food companies - through the art of careful editing, which is proof that documentaries cannot be relied on to provide the whole truth. Cooper uses frightening and somewhat bizarre anecdotal evidence show sympathy and pity towards the parents, and also how vulnerable and careless parents are in their attempts to provide for the child’s needs and wants. There's 19-month-old Michael for example, who contracted meningitis as a baby. He has fully recovered, but the family suffered greatly as a result and his parents find it hard to deny their son anything – including a truckload of salt on his nightly serve of takeaway cod and chips. The most absurd evidence presented was the rationalisation of Simon, the father of Cuba (19-month old) when conducting parent diary entries. He's a loving
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