Decreasing Childhood Obesity In America

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America has increased in childhood obesity. By minimizing fast foods restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell and enforcing physical activity on a day to day basis such as running and working out, obesity can come to an end. Decreasing childhood obesity means providing a healthier life style for kids, whether food wise or physically active. Providing is giving, maintaining and making life genetically and environmentally better for children. Children in America have bad habits and food choices, which are influenced by their parents hereditarily and environmentally such as my little cousin Grecia. Due to poor knowledge of all the foods sold and advertised children are getting obese, “where they eat; what their friends and siblings eat; what parents eat and drink and bring into the house; what is served at school; and, of course, what they like (Risks for Youths Who Eat…).” My little cousin Grecia has been like that for several years and can’t stop eating all the unhealthy products she is used to. She needs to live and eat healthier. Healthier lifestyle is choosing to live everyday doing things that will benefit your overall health. By decreasing childhood obesity and living a healthier lifestyle it will help lower any risks of health problems in the future such as Matlaga says that he and his colleagues aren’t sure why…show more content…
I want and believe that by putting a stop to eating out everyday, children and people in general can live a healthier lifestyle by means of being active physically and mentally. That will cause them to be more positive with their body, emotions and feelings entirely. There has to be a line of diet and eating healthier meals three times a day and doing some type of active activity at least 20 minutes once every three through four days a week. Everyone should know and engrave in their minds that every life deserves world-class

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